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Naga Global Market is a leading Businesses Group in the Asia-Pacific region such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.
The diverse ecosystem of Naga Global Markets includes Trading & Investment Companies in the fields of: Restaurants, Hotels; Resort; Heavy Industries such as Iron-Steel, Real Estate Exploitation, Bird Nest; Entertainment, Casino; E-Commerce and Dermatoglyphics. In order to facilitate investment participation for global investors, Naga Global Markets has applied DeFi to its business, with the issuance of crypto-currency call YTV Token on TRC20 platform; and through blockchain to expand the reach worldwide; Naga Global Markets is creating decentralized profit-sharing investment products for Global Community.

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about ytv coin (ytv)

YTV Coin is new generation of cryptocurrency that runs on TRON - TRC20 blockchain
YTV Coin is a DeFi lending protocol that allows users to earn interest by depositing LXT into one of several pools supported by the platform.
YTV Coin is a Utility token, which will be use on trading, exchange and E- commerce
We bring you platforms that break new ground.

ytv coin (ytv)

- Total Supply : YTV
- Community : 800.000.000 YTV (80%)
- Team development : 40.000.000 YTV (4%)
- Airdrop : 20.000.000 YTV (2%)
- Bounty : 20.000.000 YTV (2%)
- Employee Incentive: 10.000.000 YTV (1%)
- Company Backup : 10.000.000 YTV (1%)
- Founders : 100.000.000 YTV (10%)


YTV Coin is new generation of cryptocurrency that runs on TRON blockchain.
You can see the deployed YTV Coin Smart contract right here https://tronscan.org/#/token20/TNJZgSvwAKuGhTxxhGXahnWNXrdQsdKuYx
Why we chose the TRON Blockchain The While evaluating which Smart Contract Platform (Blockchain/DLT Platform with strong Smart Contract Capabilities) to launch the YTVCoin on, we looked for the following properties:

The Platform of choice should be running in production for years ideally, with a good track record in regards to reliability (technical) and stability (community, hardforks, …)

Compared to other Smart Contract Blockchains the TRON Blockchain has the highest degree of decentralization because the network of TRON has thousands of nodes. We can be confident that these systems are harder to manipulate improperly than nearly any system in human history.

- More people working on and with it means more people to find bugs, more people to fix them
- more importantly, the same for security issues
- more technical help available, shorter response times in places with more traffic
- many problems/challenges already solved
- established best practices
- more developers and consultants available, and more affordable
- usually more and better documentation of API as well as common issues compared to smaller communities.

There should be enough of an ecosystem around the chosen
DLT Platform to ensure that, for example, wallets not only exist, but are easy enough to work with that they can be used by all people, not only Crypto-Nerds. It also means more Cross-Chain and other integrations (i.e. via chainlink) and a more integrated meshing of the Platform into the wider Crypto-Economy.
All of these considerations led us to decide on TRON, a well established Blockchain and the oldest and by far most used and battle tested Smart Contract Platform. It gives us all desired capabilities and properties, Block-Explorers, Wallets that not only developers can use, and a huge ecosystem to interact with and be a part of.

ytv coin (ytv)
decentralized financial platform

Our goal is to become a DeFi platform, when our community has grown and the business is optimized. At that time we will bring you a full DeFi platform that break new ground.

YTV Coin aims to become a decentralized platform in the future, where core elements are truly regulated by smart contracts. Therefore, YTV Coin could become one of the top DeFi platforms for sevices and products.

It’s not easy for the company to start as a DeFi platform from the beginning. We need time to optimized the whole system. But, when it’s ready we will bring you advantages of the DeFi platform:
1. Cutting out the middleman
2. Companies can put their services or products automatically
• Smart Voting system to approve projects
3. Interests and commissions will be paid automatically through smart contracts
4. Important info stored in Blockchain
• Product info
• Purchase data
• User info
• Wallet balances
• Service Provider info
• Ratings and reviews
• Communication history
• Affiliate structure
5. Ability to stuck affiliate structure to other products


Idea and market research, technology development
Project lauch time
Listing on Exchanges
Listed on Coinmarketcap Launching App Wallet on both Android anh Ios
Release tokens / International events / Lending and Casino
Trading Academy / Margin trading Launch / Over 10.000 dowloads
E-commerce platform, Service on App / Over 20.000 dowloads / 1 year anniversary event
YTV fund
Over 50.000 dowloads

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